Welcome to the official website of the Houston Chapter of The National Association of Black Accountants, Inc! We are part of a nationwide professional association with the primary purpose of developing, encouraging and serving as a resource for greater participation by African-Americans and other minorities.

Foregoing ahead: A message from the president

Hello my NABA Houston family!

I am honored to be the President of NABA Houston for the 2014-2015 fiscal year, and welcome you to our official website. NABA is the premier association for African Americans and minorities in the accounting, audit, finance, information technology, tax, and other business related fields. NABA is charged with providing members with information, knowledge, education, training, contacts, networking, and understanding, as well as access to both Regional and National opportunities.

No one is better equipped to assist with the sustainability of organizations, whether private, public or third sector, than accountants: adept at handling financial and non-financial information, focused on the future and bound by rigorous standards. Now more than ever, organizations need custodians of the business model – corporate navigators – who can guard the sustainability of their business and challenge executives to ensure that risk and performance are managed in the long-term interests of stakeholders. NABA has the ability to provide professionals and students to assist with cultivating your organizational structure and business goals to achieve world class excellence. NABA has been woven into the fabric of our community for more than 40 years. Our mission has always been, and will continue to address the professional needs of our members and to build leaders that shape the future of the accounting, business, and finance profession.

The theme for the past couple of years has been about making connections and adding value to our membership. As I reflect to the future of the organization, I do so with great enthusiasm and anticipation about the opportunities ahead. As gatekeepers of our financial health and as leaders, it is essential that we prepare for becoming part of a dynamic global workforce. We must shift our thinking in order to identify and implement innovative ways of connecting to people, ideas and opportunities through technology and other avenues which ensures the relevancy of NABA to its members and partners. We must use our talents wisely and continue upholding the motto from our founders, “Lifting As We Climb” to guide the organization to the next level. NABA’s members and stakeholders are working harder than ever, and are making key decisions about their limited discretionary time, which ultimately will result in selecting those things that are most meaningful to them. It is our goal for the upcoming year to provide strategic programming and events that will allow members to maximize their time and reap the greatest benefit by attending various upcoming events remotely. As such, we aim to nurture a deeper connection with our membership and stakeholders assuring that we meet their needs. We must also continue to value and embrace diversity as we seek new strategic alliances and partnerships. Join us – with our events, we provide you with opportunities to network with accounting, business, and finance professionals, so that you might gain insight into the field outside of the normal realms. At general meetings, you will hear these professionals speak about various topics that can help you towards your career and development. At our professional events, you will learn valuable knowledge that is usable within the workplace. At our socials, you will network with professionals on a different level and have fun at the same time. Last but not least, at our community service events, you will contribute back to our local community.

I am excited about the upcoming year and the opportunity to further develop our brand and foster many partnerships of the past, present, and future. I encourage each of us to make a commitment this year to be more active and uplift our motto.



Patrice Scully
Houston Chapter President

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