Welcome to the official website of the Houston Chapter of The National Association of Black Accountants, Inc! We are part of a nationwide professional association with the primary purpose of developing, encouraging and serving as a resource for greater participation by African-Americans and other minorities.

Foregoing ahead: A message from the president

Dear Naba Members, Friends, and Family,

Welcome to the 2017-2018 fiscal year. It's going to be a great one. We kicked off the year on day 1 and held our annual planning retreat on July 1, 2017. During the meeting we ratified the election results, appointed committee chairs, set the preliminary calendar and identified open board needs. I was elected as President of the Houston Chapter and I would like to thank our membership for the opportunity to serve you.   This organization was founded in 1969 and the individuals who formed and led this chapter were motivated and persistent in pursuing success for the Houston Chapter.

This term will continue to bring more changes and improvements to the Houston Chapter, including new board members, new programs and new offerings for our Corporate Partners, our professional members, and our student chapters. These new programs and offerings will reflect the current state of our industry and organization as well as the current needs of our membership. Our new board is excited about this upcoming year and the opportunity to invigorate the Houston Chapter.

For our current members and perspective members I want to assure you that the intention of this board is to grow the Houston Chapter without limits.  We will stay focused on remaining beneficial to our members and providing opportunities for them to stay current with Industry standards, requirements and trends.  I look forward to a productive successful year and invite each of you to participate, and most important become involved.

In addition, please start thinking of a high school student who can benefit from our ACAP program. Let’s identify these students early as they are truly the future of accounting and the more we can touch the larger of pool of candidates entering the profession.  We recently partnered with the AICPA and are looking to double the number of students served by ACAP in 2018, one of our most important pipeline initiatives.

We have an exciting year planned that will enhance, develop, broaden, and strengthen all as we continue to climb.  Please join me as we seek to build a NABA where everyone not only lifts as one, but also leads, learns, grows, wins and celebrates as ONE!

Ready to Serve, 

Catrese Kilgore 

Houston Chapter President

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Naba Houston Chapter
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